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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Girl In A Picture;)

There was a little boy whose first love was a little girl in a picture which he picked from the street.

Many years later, even after his marriage, he still kept the picture safe.

One day his wife found the picture. She asked, "Where did you get this picture?"

He replied, "I found it when I was still a child, why?"

His wife said, "I lost it when I was 9 years old..."

Moral of the story:
Stick to your picture (goal) and your dream will indirectly, yet surely, come true.;)

yai yai yai yai..

bla bla bla..
Honestly, i dont have time to hate people who hate me, cause i'm too busy loving people who love me!
But then, weird, why the people who hate me, r mostly GIRLS??
haish..girls, i had never do anything bad to u, in fact i had never have any intention to hate, tease, backstab or whatsoever to u.in fact, i just do my own business.n just smile to evrybody.but wonder y certain people especially  girls dont like.wonder y.
There is a story behind every person, there is a reason why they are the way they are.THINK BOUT THAT BEFORE U JUDGE SOMEONE ELSE, okay?;)
well, since my blog  is regarding love, i would like to say something bout love.huhu;p
poyo tak?haha..
For me, love isnt a decision,it is a feeling.it doesnt come with "rules", or intructions.it just..happen;)
yar, undeniably there willl be so many obstacles and test that a couple will undergo, yet they can still face it together without getting far apart if they really LOVE each other.huhu..
always go for whatever.
haha, in other word, as much as TOM&JERRY seem to have hated each other, u always knew deep down they  cared about one another.hehe..n..that is how my relationship is.huhu..;p

wonder why i wrote this down

Saturday, October 1, 2011


oklah..boringla rini.kan?hm...urm..urm..urm..oklah, lets nag tah pape jom?
tersebutlah kesah~

nak cakap ape ni!!ergh!(dah xtawu nak cakap, no need la blog blog en?ish ish ish..esah esah..)
oklah,nak cakap ni.but sorryla if tersentapsentapan ye.i'm not a God.pendek kate,nah:
haa..amek kau.ok,lets start.for those who wanna started to fall in fall in in love ni, ni nak habaq mai sikit na, pikiaq abeh2.toksah dok kalut2 t nak ni la tu la.maki ni tu bagai na(haa, kan keluar bahase utare dah.hehe;p)..
bukan pe, ni takut jadi camni, ni story tepi ni.hehe;p:

hee..ala, mostly people who couple couple ni, start la abuse here and there la, maki ni tula kat bf or EX dia.haha..ades..example?need example??ha jap.ni:
hahahhaa..kan kan kan...~;p..hehe..
then start la cakap need to be alone, ni la tula.hahhahaha...pendek kate, CAMNni :

ha!kan?hahahhahahahhaha!!!!!(cam aku je bunyik;p..)
hee..kidding.anyway, well, this is life.orang yang dah kahwin, our parents itself la for example even ever go through all this.so if they nagging at u coz of love, say "wtf, korang pun penah gak camni dulu!", ha, amek kau.NO!who allow u to say like that to your OWN parents huh?!DURKAKA!!!no no no..dont u ever do that ok?;)..manners yourself;).just be patient and stay cool in front them, but behind??hehehhe..guraw guraw..ok, look, LOVE is BEaUTIFUL actually;).without love, our life is VERY boring.love toward Allah(the al-mighty),love towards PARENTS,love towards FRIENDS , n of course towards the one who u call BELOVED(bf/gf/husband/wife).OK?;)..
let me tell u this one story.about JEALOUSY~hehehhe..jealous?haha..nah:
hahahhahahahha..how truth it is, ASK YOURSELF.hahahahhahahhahahahahhahaa;p
ok ok, maybe it could be the other way round ok..;)
since i'm a girl, i have an advice for the gurls.gurls, if u get hurted, be strong.oh yar, our little friend would like to say something:
we are all a litttle weird, and when we find some who weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it LOVE;)..;p
lalalalala..ha, for boys outside there, girl LOVES suprise or anything that will make them special, u know.hehe..especially when u do this to her:

hahahha..dah dah.dont u dream girls!but..it is not a matter if we could get it right?hehe..;p
well, again, i just say whatever i wanna say in my mind.even though i talk a lot, it doesnt mean i know what i'm actually talking about;).hee..;p
well irls, if u just break-up with ur bf, dont be sad.hey hello,

hehehe...just for u olz.not me.hehe..kidding k;).i dont know y am i keep bubling no reason like this.hehe..OMG!
aww..ggrr...hehehhe...POP!FALL IN LOVE~;p.stick together ok?;).because.....,
yar, LOST~;)

hehe.thats all from me today.smile always;)

while u searching and think for your love's one, this is mine;)
wish all of us happy and strong;).tataa!!;)))
wonder why i wrote this down
 hye blogger..;)..
itsbeen a long time i didnt updating my blog:;)..
urm, i learnt something, AGAIN currently;)..
yar, maybe from my fb people can simply judge me for who am i.but guys, ups to u.u can say whatever u want, but the truth is only Allah knows..;)..some people say i'm overacting,too talkative,too clumsy, too much talk la what so ever.haha.but guys, hello, its MY WORLD, not YOURS.hehe;p
well, i'm aging now and so far alhamdullilah i can go through my life.yar, it is easy for the people say "just follow the rythm", but guys, u have to know 1 thing, u did sometimes had a complicated situation.hehe..so, dont simply tease people by saying "eleh budak ni kecoh je lebih,cam dia sorang yang got life".hehe..;p
lalala,ok stop, no more nagging.hehe.i'm happy!coz i've succesfully go through my current BARRIERs!;)..
it makes me getting matured!;p..hehehe..haha.
yes, sometimes i always dreaming, but from that dream i pursue my dream.from that dream i build my other dream.from that dream i beautify my life dream.either i'm going to get it or not, just wait n see.hehe..what i have to do is just DONT DESPAIR,KEEP GOING,OPTIMIST, and PRAY;)..insyallah, with allah will, maybe i can achive it;)..
hey guys, i love my course now u know.damn love n like(but x gempak cam korang nye course la)haha;p..seriously i didnt even feel a tiny feeling of regret choosing this course.tq allah!u created this for me, and i LIKE it!;))..hehe;p
When I say that life is like an onion, I mean this: if you don't do anything with it, it goes rotten.;p(haha, boleh jugak if u olz nak use tempe ke, tempoyak ke belacan ke.ni saje je nak bagi gempak.haha;p)
ok2, back to the story.hurm..guys,
The 3 C’s of life: choices, chances, and changes. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change(GEMPAK TAK AYAT?;P)
dare to take action, never look back, and confident with what u r doing.insyalllah, allah will guide u.my mum did say this to me "siapa yang menempuh jalan menuntut ilmu, akan dipermudahkan untuk ke syurga".hee;p..
woi woi, nah,this is how success achieved in real life;p:

wonder why i wroye this down