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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

exam exam exam(2010)

woi woi..haha..assalamualaikum~hee..
hm..since we r nowadays so so busy talking bout the exam that around the corner kat mane mane corner lah kan,,i just wanna share some with u the last sem final exam, guess what i got for my result?n guest what he got in his exam either?hehe..the answer is...
haeqarl knight: 3.57(all passed)
aesha knigh t : 3.54(all passed)
hee~result pun nak same kn?;p..hee..nevertheless we r still keep trying to get better than that..we have tried our best for the last sem exam.n alhamdullilah..but however, we will keep pursuing the better n better result with allah Will..;)..
(for our memories..)..;)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

current date;p

 haha..for sure u olz wanted to know bout what exactly had happened during our date that time rite?kan3?ala..just admit's not that i'm going to know bout that pun kan.kite kan using satelite skrg, u xnmpk i,i an an?hee;p..(lempang je esah 50sen ni).haha; upon a time..........
ha!can u see those slippers?!ha..kalau nk tawu,he bought that for me tu taw!hee.ape?nk gelak?gelak lah!kau ade?xdekan?!hee..;p.sweet taw.ala,nk tawu x die beli coz of wat?coz t senang,if kitorg gadoh, hentak je by using slippers tu.ha.lagi satu,if slipper tu tercampak ke ape ke time kitorang tgh gadoh2,xpe.duit lah.guraw je..this gift shows that we r getting closer n closer samapi dah boleh beli slipper jamban like this taw!uwekz!upz..if booboo bace ni abesla aku.hahahhaha..hee..guraw2.seriously, u have no idea how we feels buying diz slippers;)..(the prob now is, asal my face camtu?!)..

ha!lg3!this jacket pun a gift from him to me taw!!!;)) fav jacket!;))..booboo!tq!:))hee..ha!ape?!not only slippers je taw he bought for me!;,jap..actually..actually,got another 1 more gift! chocolates!!;))..but,xsempat nk take pix.dah abes~hehehhe; dad pun like that chocolate taw!:)))....(boo,jgn kembang ok!)huh!;)
ha!if u olz nk tawu,actually that time my booboo tgh xtahan nk..nk..urm,nk YAK!so,tgh menahan lah tu.uwekz!;p..(goodlah tu,hubby tgh tahan yak,i snap2 pix.adoiyai~)

hee..booboo cte cm pe je.hee~;p

ha! how keai wor!(actually makcik kat bus stop dpn tu dah tgk2.kitorg lak buat poker face like;D

booboo xnk take pix,meh sini i snap it sorg2!;p

cute jgk aq ni an..(haha~;p..)..ape?!annoying la tu.huh!;p..hee..;).

hehehe..xsangke my boboo pun can do this"how keai" wor!!;p..;))..hee..

e'eh..terselit plak..haha..iklan2..not even related wid the dew(eh,date)..x,actually nk show to u olz that,ha..tgk slipper tu.tu tu.hahha..dah rasmi dh..;p
thank you booboo..for everything..;)..even though awak not really feeling well with ur injured leg, n hard to wear jeans,but u were still wore that,just for me.thank you booboo..;)..but,boo..remember,my love towards u is more than a word.people can say whatever they want,but..only u and me n ALLAH knows everything..may He bless us;)..I LOVE YOU..;))..n I MISS YOU..;))..thanks for brightening my life..;)..I LOVE U MORE..;)

senget sibling

 hye hye.we meet again,kan?;p
as usual lah.if u olz stalk my blog, u olz can see what?see what?haa..MY STORY LA.whay else right?;p
dah2..g scroll down and check check check it out(ala ala rap) la by your ownself ;p.ha..this time story bout my life that terhingin or wanted to wear tudung pulak.almaklum,pompuan or girl kan.or cosh(course) lah have to santek2.haha;p..(santek ke?haha)..ok2..stop talking nonsense.jom scroll down?;)..
ehem2.konon2 cute la tu?ecececeh~;p
xreti pun actually pakai crumple,lilit lah around my neck.nak tercekik tawu.hee;)

ha!tawu x?this pix i took it in my room at back from class then straight away pakai crumple ni & apelagi,SNAPPING time!hee;p

actually,baru je bought that crumple.(eh,mama punye bkn i;p..)so,kitorg pe lg,bwk masuk bilik n SNAPPING la!hee..;p ish2..


hee,oi cik ecah oi.woi~kau pk kau cantek?muke cam benggali carpet..(eleh,biarlah.muke aq cm benggali carpet pn,kau ade?!xde kan?kan3?!)..hee..uwekz!;p)


hee..kami mmg suke MELARAM!;P..(but my sis worse la);p

adoi..what on earth la cik ecah oi.udah2 le tu snapping~(ececeh,nak upload gak kat blog.kan3??)..;p

hahaha..ha!ni la problem kitorg if dh boring.always take pix yg ala2 cute je.amek kau!aiyak~!hahaha;p.lempang je if korg nk,taw.i know that u olz an an?huhu;p

what?!0oo..u olz nk lempang aq..ka pk kau kuat?!tu my booboo tu tougher taw!;p..(tibe2).hee;p.alahai,my sis ni xpayah la nk control2 sun(cun)..;p

hee..KAMI cute~;p..(ha!ape3?annoyingla tu wid we olz.huh!jeeeaalous~;p..).hee..;)

bahahha!pabila keboringan lah STUNAMI from kami punye muke~!hahaha;D
haish..probprob~.mama,papa,kami hanye insan biase.jgn salahkn ibu mengandung with kelahiran kami.wakaka..!;p

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


hye nak cite sedih sikit ni.hehe..(sedih pun nk gelak ke?;p)..ala,xpayah nk cite cite sgtlah.tgk pix cukup!bak kate my lecturer,"tgk note panjang2 pening,tgk pix leh brainstorm!;p)
ha,ni latest pix my booboo time kitorg keluar.hensem kn?smart~;)

bile dh sampai,each of us g loo(toilet).tgklah keje die ni.xde keje!cam pompuan!;)..but he's still cute;)

tibe2.a few days

ya allah.his nail,HANCUR.sakit sgt.saye x sanggup sgt nk tgk.but,saye still nk upload kt blog.bcoz,wanted to make it our memory that,later we can still talk bout this even though dah tua(alaklumlah,takut senile(NYANYUK)~)..hee..

even though die sakit,eventhough kitorang jauh, but we still wanted to make each of us happy;).but,i know that deep in his heart,die sakit sgt.tahan eyh sayang?;(.SMILE!taw!;).booboo kelakarla!CUTEnye~;))

ehem2..if die pn ade that kinda pix,saye pn kene ade!hehe.woi!jgn kasi samekan itu mane2 muke sama saye punye muke ok!huh!hee..cute x?uwekz!sumpah ugly banget!;).but for my beloved happiness, i'll do it.anything for u my dear;)


hey!"how ke i" or "ni keai" wor!!;)..cute nye boboo bb ni!!;))
pix ni,before booboo got this kinda face.i want u to maintain ur smile.;)..I LOVE YOU..;).

hye guys,actually, that night(19/3/2011) he supposedly to be at a gym, but gym tutup mlm, he played at his house.i plak,kat rumah that time.i mmg xsedap hati nk balik actually.die pun tawu i x sedap hati.but xsangke that will was having a dinner at outside wid my family, and suddenly his younger brother called me.i thought that he was just wanted to prank me,but i was wrong.klang and seremban, it's quite far and in fact how can i get there at that thing that happen,for us,there's something behind hidden.allah wanted to tell and do something.hey,i still remember his sister say something to me that make me still looking forward till now.;)..she say that "just follow the rhythm"..;).so..i can just pray for him.take care sayang...SMILE ALWAYS..because the only thing that i know rather that medicine, smile can make u better too..;)..I LOVE YOU..;)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

dating ime or bullying time?he;p

semalam we went out..again;)
but something happened;)
we saw jeweleries shop,n both of us were excited.(but i lah yg paling excited.hehe..alamaklumlah..GIRL~).HEHEHE.
he was excited too but, things turn up to SOMETHING.saye nampak gelang!;)santek sangat.n he loves it too!;).i put it on..but,the men yg jage kedai tu put it on for ape lagi, the excitement turn into MAD~.almaklumlah..JEALOUS~;)..i plak,khusyuk gile nampak jeweleries so much beautiful diamond on it!santek taw!;))..but, haiqal upset.i can feel it that time during that guy yang jage store tu put on the bracelet to me.bkn upset je,nak keluar api dah i tgk muke die!hehe;)the purpose y i jumped in that jeweleries store was bcoz i want him to put it on for me.n he either.but thing turns up.coz that men yang,after moved out,(alamak, abeslah aku).hehe..then,haiqal was really3 mad at me.he drove like crazy at 1st,but at the middle, he slow it down.because he knows that i dont like him drive like crazy.but,i my tears dripped out in the car.actually, that  date suppose to be a memorable n sweetest date for us.but never thought that kinda thing will evoke.
he confess his feeling..i cried so hard, i was scared once he get the end, the date that i thought will ruin everthing yesterday, was turn into the sweetest and the most memorable date for us..;)..I LOVE HIM..n HE LOVES ME..;)) day we were together.from morning till the nite!;)))..
another one more thing happened, during we were confessing, i told him "actually thought that nak kite naek boat...................",then suddenly he interrupted me and say "hey!booboo pun fk cmtu!"..;))..I LOVE YOU..;)..but x jadi yg tu, coz kitorang kelua awal from that mall, so..xjadi.;))..then die kate "urm,next time kite g k?:)..)..;)))))..I LOVE YOU booboo!!!!;)))..
for ever single of thing happen, it makes us stronger and closer..:)..boooboo jealous~hehehhehe..;))..booboo sayang bb!;)) sayang uucux acam bb ni jgk!;)))))mmuuahahhhxx!!;)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"something" related;)

bye bye..

one of the moment mam with my booboo!;)

if nak dengar,pause the mp3 1st,then only boleh dengar!;)
love you..

ade cam ngade-ngade x?hehe

joging sambil MAKAN!healthy life style taw!;p

ade rase cm nk tampar x minah ni?hehe.booboo suh wat sit up,but bb buat muke ikan todak!;p

ehem2!eleh,ingat bb xleh buat ke?!bb pun boleh taw!huh!hee..booboo TOUGH!uwekz!;)
bye bye..;)


He taught me how to love, but not how to stop,
True love is when you shed a tear and still want him,
Tears are words the hard can't express,
The hardest to do is waking up without you.,
As soon as forever is through, I'll be over you