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Saturday, October 1, 2011


oklah..boringla rini.kan?hm...urm..urm..urm..oklah, lets nag tah pape jom?
tersebutlah kesah~

nak cakap ape ni!!ergh!(dah xtawu nak cakap, no need la blog blog en?ish ish ish..esah esah..)
oklah,nak cakap ni.but sorryla if tersentapsentapan ye.i'm not a God.pendek kate,nah:
haa..amek kau.ok,lets start.for those who wanna started to fall in fall in in love ni, ni nak habaq mai sikit na, pikiaq abeh2.toksah dok kalut2 t nak ni la tu la.maki ni tu bagai na(haa, kan keluar bahase utare dah.hehe;p)..
bukan pe, ni takut jadi camni, ni story tepi ni.hehe;p:

hee..ala, mostly people who couple couple ni, start la abuse here and there la, maki ni tula kat bf or EX dia.haha..ades..example?need example??ha jap.ni:
hahahhaa..kan kan kan...~;p..hehe..
then start la cakap need to be alone, ni la tula.hahhahaha...pendek kate, CAMNni :

ha!kan?hahahhahahahhaha!!!!!(cam aku je bunyik;p..)
hee..kidding.anyway, well, this is life.orang yang dah kahwin, our parents itself la for example even ever go through all this.so if they nagging at u coz of love, say "wtf, korang pun penah gak camni dulu!", ha, amek kau.NO!who allow u to say like that to your OWN parents huh?!DURKAKA!!!no no no..dont u ever do that ok?;)..manners yourself;).just be patient and stay cool in front them, but behind??hehehhe..guraw guraw..ok, look, LOVE is BEaUTIFUL actually;).without love, our life is VERY boring.love toward Allah(the al-mighty),love towards PARENTS,love towards FRIENDS , n of course towards the one who u call BELOVED(bf/gf/husband/wife).OK?;)..
let me tell u this one story.about JEALOUSY~hehehhe..jealous?haha..nah:
hahahhahahahha..how truth it is, ASK YOURSELF.hahahahhahahhahahahahhahaa;p
ok ok, maybe it could be the other way round ok..;)
since i'm a girl, i have an advice for the gurls.gurls, if u get hurted, be strong.oh yar, our little friend would like to say something:
we are all a litttle weird, and when we find some who weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it LOVE;)..;p
lalalalala..ha, for boys outside there, girl LOVES suprise or anything that will make them special, u know.hehe..especially when u do this to her:

hahahha..dah dah.dont u dream girls!but..it is not a matter if we could get it right?hehe..;p
well, again, i just say whatever i wanna say in my mind.even though i talk a lot, it doesnt mean i know what i'm actually talking about;).hee..;p
well irls, if u just break-up with ur bf, dont be sad.hey hello,

hehehe...just for u olz.not me.hehe..kidding k;).i dont know y am i keep bubling no reason like this.hehe..OMG!
aww..ggrr...hehehhe...POP!FALL IN LOVE~;p.stick together ok?;).because.....,
yar, LOST~;)

hehe.thats all from me today.smile always;)

while u searching and think for your love's one, this is mine;)
wish all of us happy and strong;).tataa!!;)))
wonder why i wrote this down
 hye blogger..;)..
itsbeen a long time i didnt updating my blog:;)..
urm, i learnt something, AGAIN currently;)..
yar, maybe from my fb people can simply judge me for who am i.but guys, ups to u.u can say whatever u want, but the truth is only Allah knows..;)..some people say i'm overacting,too talkative,too clumsy, too much talk la what so ever.haha.but guys, hello, its MY WORLD, not YOURS.hehe;p
well, i'm aging now and so far alhamdullilah i can go through my life.yar, it is easy for the people say "just follow the rythm", but guys, u have to know 1 thing, u did sometimes had a complicated situation.hehe..so, dont simply tease people by saying "eleh budak ni kecoh je lebih,cam dia sorang yang got life".hehe..;p
lalala,ok stop, no more nagging.hehe.i'm happy!coz i've succesfully go through my current BARRIERs!;)..
it makes me getting matured!;p..hehehe..haha.
yes, sometimes i always dreaming, but from that dream i pursue my dream.from that dream i build my other dream.from that dream i beautify my life dream.either i'm going to get it or not, just wait n see.hehe..what i have to do is just DONT DESPAIR,KEEP GOING,OPTIMIST, and PRAY;)..insyallah, with allah will, maybe i can achive it;)..
hey guys, i love my course now u know.damn love n like(but x gempak cam korang nye course la)haha;p..seriously i didnt even feel a tiny feeling of regret choosing this course.tq allah!u created this for me, and i LIKE it!;))..hehe;p
When I say that life is like an onion, I mean this: if you don't do anything with it, it goes rotten.;p(haha, boleh jugak if u olz nak use tempe ke, tempoyak ke belacan ke.ni saje je nak bagi gempak.haha;p)
ok2, back to the story.hurm..guys,
The 3 C’s of life: choices, chances, and changes. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change(GEMPAK TAK AYAT?;P)
dare to take action, never look back, and confident with what u r doing.insyalllah, allah will guide u.my mum did say this to me "siapa yang menempuh jalan menuntut ilmu, akan dipermudahkan untuk ke syurga".hee;p..
woi woi, nah,this is how success achieved in real life;p:

wonder why i wroye this down