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i`m no 1...juz a simple person..but,a universal..;)

Monday, January 18, 2010

my boy said...

"i just want u to know...that..i LOVE U FUCKIN MUCHX!
damn much!IM SERIOUS..I LOVE U!and i`ve promised to myself..that..i`ll take care of u till my last breath..love u...;`(.."-18th jan 2010/3:56pm

"kayh..sygs nk jadikan babe my wife..i`m serious..so..i have to take care of u,babe aisha.."-26th oct 2009
"he3..jgn mara..dgn lafaz bismillah..I`M YOURS..n U`R MINE!mmmmmuuaahhxx!!syg babe!!;)"-26th june 2009/9:40pm
"babe..itz me,haiqal...krdt sygs abes..sygs xprnah laen ngn babe..kayh..act..i`m very worried bout u.yar,a lot of guys admire u..like u`r sweet n cute face.i`m very worry babe..i love u damn much!damn3 much3!!i was born to be in loved with u..i love u damn muchx my dear.."
"this song is for you..hear it..blow me a kiss,from Git Fresh.."-5th nov 2009/9:33pm
"gentlement dont fromGabe Bondoc..hear this song..sygs dedicate it to u,babe aisha..;-*"-19th oct 2009/7:30pm

isn`t he sweet?got lot more words he said 2 me..i love him too.."i love u too sygs"..
thanks sygs..
my hensem cutie boy..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

universal`s gurl_gurl

This life`s misery.
full of obstacle n even puzzling.

the only thing that i know is...`QUICK REBUTTLE`ll SAVE THE DAY``

i like english!

no matter what people wanna say bout it.

it doesn`t mean i HATE BAHASA?!
Bahasa`s my `mother language..

of course i LIKE it too..

just that,i LOVE to speak in ENGLISH..


is that mean,once i speak in MALaY i`ll feel lousy or would make me feel FOOL??

the ans is NO!!definitely NO3!!

oh come on..

don`t` b too outordoxy,dude..

b more forwarding ok..

once u wanna speak in english or any other language,just try not too emphasise on GRAMMAR!!

once u think of it,automatically u wouldn`t SPEAK!

this`s an experience...

even if u ask ur teachers,for sure they`ll give the same statement.

Conversation or comunication are wide.

wonder why i wrote this down..

my boy..

isnt he TOUGH??
my boy..........;)
i love him!!!!
damn love!!
please..pray 4 my life together with him...;(..
i need him in my life.....;(..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

my resolution..

no matter how hard is your life,try 2 catch it..
persue ur dream..
don`t let any1 else disturb ur journey..
if ther`s a will,there`s a away..

sweet dance..

gurl`z generation..watch it..!!!

this`z my bf..
the beloved one..
he`z so cool..
kinda joke..
i love him..