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Saturday, April 2, 2011

pissing off with me?

just now somebody added me in fb.he wrote somthing like this "....".wth!supposedly, there will be no guys at all in my fb friend list.just for some friends will be approved.But since currently i wanted to hurt my bf because of something, so i just approved all of the guys that was adding me just now.Then, i've decided something.If let say that guy try to pissing off with me by luring me n talk bout the pervert thing with me again, try me..i'll do something that is unexpected.
Since i'm not in a good mood currently, so something that "out of the box" will bee created by me.i've told u, i can ur friend, but i can be ur foe either.i just wanna wait till that person dare to talk bout that again.Even my bf doesnt say a word like that,ok.I'm so glad n grateful that my bf not that kinda guy.
For me, it's normal having an argument in a relationship.N it's a test in fact by Allah to me n him.just that we have to utilize what Allah trying to tell us or whatever lah.even though currently i'v decided to leave him due to something.i believe in qada n qadar allah n destiny.If we meant to be together, we will still be together.at this moment, dont think i got a strong heart  to accept what had happened.Thats not the thing why i wrote tis down.The thing is bout that "gatal guy".waalaaweyh..kau pk kau guy, so can say such thing to any girl u want?!haha,.

u r pissing off with NOR AISHAH NOOR BAHARUDDIN.
who am i?u have no idea;)..try me u shit