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Monday, November 15, 2010

He sent diz to me today..just now.

we had an argument today.it was so bad.we mad at each other.but deep in my heart,i didn`t meant anything.there was no any other bad intention to him;(.But the,we are getting better..we get 2 know each other deeper..i love him.and somehow,he sent this:

Knowing a person like you, has made me happy in a MILLION ways... and if I ever have to let you go... I would find a MILLION reasons to make you stay,my dear.. i love you more.. ;(

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

my "swagger" words~.

biskut marry sedap sekali.sudikah anda marry me???hahahhaha...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

my confession...hm..

Hye blogger,long time don’t have a touch..i miss my mum and dad.mamapapa I miss you..there were many things that I faced currently..i’m scared ma.
I’ve targeted 4 flat for my examination result.But I’m scared if let say Allah doesn’t allow me to get it.Just like before this,during my PMR, SPM, MATRIX.
I just got 2A’s(math & agama), and the rest B except for sejarah and geography which were C.
I’ve tried ma.I’ve targeted to get mor than that.i was targeting 10A’s , but I just got 4A’s(chemistry,BI,EST math modern), 5B’s(agama, bm, fz, bio, add math, ), C (sejarah).why??hm..
My matriculation resulti just go 3.17(Biology B+, Chemistry  B+,  and Math B).
It was too much stray apart from my target .Why?.Think it wsa not too bad.
But, however..there was one thing that really make me proud of myself, which was my decision in taking my course now(HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT).
It was a very tough kinda decision to make.coz if not, I’ll take the course of food nutrition or engineering course.T can get those course coz I’m a science life student.But once I think back bout the interest of me in that field, I can’t. I cant make that as my career.Because that is totally not me. I’m a social kinda person n I love BUSINESS n COMMUNICATION since child, but as I’ve studied science since child, so I get used to it nin fact my parent hoping for me to take the other field from business. But I just realized that business n communication is my interest n management is my field.thats it..
I wanna become a specialist tourism, because I love to have a conversation with tourist or any other negotiation about international programme.
So, I chose HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMET as my course and as the springboard of my career.Thanks to all of the counselors in Kedah Matriculation College who has advised me a lot about thye decision that I should take.thanks..a lot..may Allah bless me this time..amin..;)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

haeqarl sent this 2 me,yesterday..

....aesha ..u r the 1st n last girl that can be my beloved..the only girl that i call `wife`..the only girl that is always playing around in my heart ...make my blood flow smoothly..ur voice can make me cry,laugh,chill,enjoy,patient n even sleep...u r ONLY 1 WHO IS ACCEPTABLE IN MY WHOLE LIFE...u r the only one who teach me whats the true meaning of LOVE ...;`(;`(BABE,I WONT LEAVE U A SECOND!!!i wont leave u!!without u,i`m nothing!i cant breath if u r not in my life..u make me just like on the top of the world...without u,i feel like myself is already dead..;`(;`(.i need u aesha!!There`s NO SUCH THING AS ~BREAK~ IN OUR LIFE BB..;`(;`( I NEED U...COME...MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHXX!!;`( U R MY WIFE,MY PRINCESS...MY BELOVED..MY DREAMS...;`( I NEED U...I LOVE U AESHA!!;`(;`(;`(

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my hubby tgh study!!!;))

hye there!d hunky yunky me`z here!

my hubby birthday on 26th april..


haapy beeday to u..
haaapy beeday to u..
haapy beeday..happy beeday..
haappy birthday to you..

happy birthday sygs...

(1st time taw i sing a song 4 some1..;)..)
i love you..

assigmentku dulu!!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

my boy said...

"i just want u to know...that..i LOVE U FUCKIN MUCHX!
damn much!IM SERIOUS..I LOVE U!and i`ve promised to myself..that..i`ll take care of u till my last breath..love u...;`(.."-18th jan 2010/3:56pm

"kayh..sygs nk jadikan babe my wife..i`m serious..so..i have to take care of u,babe aisha.."-26th oct 2009
"he3..jgn mara..dgn lafaz bismillah..I`M YOURS..n U`R MINE!mmmmmuuaahhxx!!syg babe!!;)"-26th june 2009/9:40pm
"babe..itz me,haiqal...krdt sygs abes..sygs xprnah laen ngn babe..kayh..act..i`m very worried bout u.yar,a lot of guys admire u..like u`r sweet n cute face.i`m very worry babe..i love u damn much!damn3 much3!!i was born to be in loved with u..i love u damn muchx my dear.."
"this song is for you..hear it..blow me a kiss,from Git Fresh.."-5th nov 2009/9:33pm
"gentlement dont fromGabe Bondoc..hear this song..sygs dedicate it to u,babe aisha..;-*"-19th oct 2009/7:30pm

isn`t he sweet?got lot more words he said 2 me..i love him too.."i love u too sygs"..
thanks sygs..
my hensem cutie boy..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

universal`s gurl_gurl

This life`s misery.
full of obstacle n even puzzling.

the only thing that i know is...`QUICK REBUTTLE`ll SAVE THE DAY``

i like english!

no matter what people wanna say bout it.

it doesn`t mean i HATE BAHASA?!
Bahasa`s my `mother language..

of course i LIKE it too..

just that,i LOVE to speak in ENGLISH..


is that mean,once i speak in MALaY i`ll feel lousy or would make me feel FOOL??

the ans is NO!!definitely NO3!!

oh come on..

don`t` b too outordoxy,dude..

b more forwarding ok..

once u wanna speak in english or any other language,just try not too emphasise on GRAMMAR!!

once u think of it,automatically u wouldn`t SPEAK!

this`s an experience...

even if u ask ur teachers,for sure they`ll give the same statement.

Conversation or comunication are wide.

wonder why i wrote this down..

my boy..

isnt he TOUGH??
my boy..........;)
i love him!!!!
damn love!!
please..pray 4 my life together with him...;(..
i need him in my life.....;(..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

my resolution..

no matter how hard is your life,try 2 catch it..
persue ur dream..
don`t let any1 else disturb ur journey..
if ther`s a will,there`s a away..

sweet dance..

gurl`z generation..watch it..!!!

this`z my bf..
the beloved one..
he`z so cool..
kinda joke..
i love him..