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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Girl In A Picture;)

There was a little boy whose first love was a little girl in a picture which he picked from the street.

Many years later, even after his marriage, he still kept the picture safe.

One day his wife found the picture. She asked, "Where did you get this picture?"

He replied, "I found it when I was still a child, why?"

His wife said, "I lost it when I was 9 years old..."

Moral of the story:
Stick to your picture (goal) and your dream will indirectly, yet surely, come true.;)

yai yai yai yai..

bla bla bla..
Honestly, i dont have time to hate people who hate me, cause i'm too busy loving people who love me!
But then, weird, why the people who hate me, r mostly GIRLS??
haish..girls, i had never do anything bad to u, in fact i had never have any intention to hate, tease, backstab or whatsoever to u.in fact, i just do my own business.n just smile to evrybody.but wonder y certain people especially  girls dont like.wonder y.
There is a story behind every person, there is a reason why they are the way they are.THINK BOUT THAT BEFORE U JUDGE SOMEONE ELSE, okay?;)
well, since my blog  is regarding love, i would like to say something bout love.huhu;p
poyo tak?haha..
For me, love isnt a decision,it is a feeling.it doesnt come with "rules", or intructions.it just..happen;)
yar, undeniably there willl be so many obstacles and test that a couple will undergo, yet they can still face it together without getting far apart if they really LOVE each other.huhu..
always go for whatever.
haha, in other word, as much as TOM&JERRY seem to have hated each other, u always knew deep down they  cared about one another.hehe..n..that is how my relationship is.huhu..;p

wonder why i wrote this down