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Monday, January 18, 2010

my boy said...

"i just want u to know...that..i LOVE U FUCKIN MUCHX!
damn much!IM SERIOUS..I LOVE U!and i`ve promised to myself..that..i`ll take care of u till my last breath..love u...;`(.."-18th jan 2010/3:56pm

"kayh..sygs nk jadikan babe my wife..i`m serious..so..i have to take care of u,babe aisha.."-26th oct 2009
"he3..jgn mara..dgn lafaz bismillah..I`M YOURS..n U`R MINE!mmmmmuuaahhxx!!syg babe!!;)"-26th june 2009/9:40pm
"babe..itz me,haiqal...krdt sygs abes..sygs xprnah laen ngn babe..kayh..act..i`m very worried bout u.yar,a lot of guys admire u..like u`r sweet n cute face.i`m very worry babe..i love u damn much!damn3 much3!!i was born to be in loved with u..i love u damn muchx my dear.."
"this song is for you..hear it..blow me a kiss,from Git Fresh.."-5th nov 2009/9:33pm
"gentlement dont fromGabe Bondoc..hear this song..sygs dedicate it to u,babe aisha..;-*"-19th oct 2009/7:30pm

isn`t he sweet?got lot more words he said 2 me..i love him too.."i love u too sygs"..
thanks sygs..
my hensem cutie boy..


MiSs aNySs said...

aaawwww... he so sweet! i bet u so sweet also aite?

the coolest tricia said...

yar..of course..(stuck-up)hee~
urm..thx aniz for da coment...

Anonymous said...


the coolest tricia said...

yes,u`re sygs....u`r da sweetest guy dat i ever met sygs...i love u..love u..love u..;(

mineko ^.^ said...


the coolest tricia said...

;)..pe yg hahaha nye kak..ni la adec akak..