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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my hubby birthday on 26th april..


haapy beeday to u..
haaapy beeday to u..
haapy beeday..happy beeday..
haappy birthday to you..

happy birthday sygs...

(1st time taw i sing a song 4 some1..;)..)
i love you..


bbboobo!! ;-* said...

babe!!!!!! i love u so muchx!! thanks honey!! tq so muchx!!! u make me cried honey.... u know what,babe?? im the luckiest person in this world!! coz.. i got u!! ;(( boo terharu sngat b.. and u know wat bb.. u r the 1st and last girl that will be sing for me as long as i live in our lovely world~ I LOVE U SO MCUHX BABEASHA~ :-* ;-((((

the coolest tricia said...

b..b..em1;(..hey!!!!!!!!!!aishah lah!not asha!!!;(....ingat ni esah ape!;(