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Sunday, October 24, 2010

my confession...hm..

Hye blogger,long time don’t have a touch..i miss my mum and dad.mamapapa I miss you..there were many things that I faced currently..i’m scared ma.
I’ve targeted 4 flat for my examination result.But I’m scared if let say Allah doesn’t allow me to get it.Just like before this,during my PMR, SPM, MATRIX.
I just got 2A’s(math & agama), and the rest B except for sejarah and geography which were C.
I’ve tried ma.I’ve targeted to get mor than that.i was targeting 10A’s , but I just got 4A’s(chemistry,BI,EST math modern), 5B’s(agama, bm, fz, bio, add math, ), C (sejarah).why??hm..
My matriculation resulti just go 3.17(Biology B+, Chemistry  B+,  and Math B).
It was too much stray apart from my target .Why?.Think it wsa not too bad.
But, however..there was one thing that really make me proud of myself, which was my decision in taking my course now(HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT).
It was a very tough kinda decision to make.coz if not, I’ll take the course of food nutrition or engineering course.T can get those course coz I’m a science life student.But once I think back bout the interest of me in that field, I can’t. I cant make that as my career.Because that is totally not me. I’m a social kinda person n I love BUSINESS n COMMUNICATION since child, but as I’ve studied science since child, so I get used to it nin fact my parent hoping for me to take the other field from business. But I just realized that business n communication is my interest n management is my field.thats it..
I wanna become a specialist tourism, because I love to have a conversation with tourist or any other negotiation about international programme.
So, I chose HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMET as my course and as the springboard of my career.Thanks to all of the counselors in Kedah Matriculation College who has advised me a lot about thye decision that I should take.thanks..a lot..may Allah bless me this time..amin..;)


MiSs aNySs said...

babe b strong! god gave us circumstances to let us learn more. chill!

the coolest tricia said...

hye anis..tq..;)...juz wanna confess my feelings.tq..;)

boobo!;)) said...

bb sayangs.... ;)) the only thing that can change ur life is yourself... trust me.. with mamapapa,alif,era n my support... u'll be succeed babe!;) you will!!;) don't u ever being down!!;( being frustated or depressed!!;( NO SUCH THING OK!!;(( TRUST YOURSELF that. can do it!;( don't u ever being a LAZY person.. simple... its not that easy if we want to succees in our life,and its not too hard for us to e failed in our life!;(( remember!;( boobo is always be at ur side my dear!;( ilove you babe!!!!!!;( :-*