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Sunday, January 30, 2011

words for you my dear..

Dear my love..;)..
You are the sun in my day,the wind in my sky,the waves in the ocean,and the beat in my heart..
All my dreams came true the day that i met you.
You are the sunshine of my life..
Thanks for brightening my world with the warmth of your love..
You are the fire that burn the passion within my soul..
I need you very much..;)

I LOVE YOU..I MISS YOU..Muhd Haiqal Zailani..;)
i wish and pray the best for both of us,our relationship,and all..
may God bless us..;)..Thank you..VERY much..;)
i miss you;))


babeboy!!;-* said...

sayangs... sumpah demi allah.. boobo x tau nak ckp apew...:( once boobo mukak blog nie.. boobo speechless sangat3!!;( boobo sayang sangat kat awak!!! sayang sangat!!;( iloveyou so much sygs..;( sumpah... air mate boobo mengalir...;((( boobo terharu sangt sayang!! sangat3!!!;(( ya allah... kekalkan lah hubungan aku dengan nor aishah binti noor baharuddin.. sehingga aku mengahwininya.. dan menjaganya sehingga nafas terakhir ku!!!;( amin...;( iloveyou.. and i missyou so much sygs!!;(

aeshaknight said...

;)..thank you,sayang..awak make me speechless sanagt with your words..booboo..thank you..;(..bb sayang sangat kt awak;(..amin..kite doa selalu mcm tu taw;(..I MISS YOU..I MISS YOU..I LOVE YOU.;(

Strawberry's said...

sweet sesangat! =)

aeshaknight said...

hee..tq kak ema!;)