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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ramadhan and Raya 2012~

hello everyone... so,umm..previously my girl was doing this blog..and now its time for me to shine..:) im haiqal.. aishah's future husband insyaallah..:) its been a long long loong time i have waited for this..:)  firstly, to my girl, nor aishah noorbaharuddin.. im so so sorry for everything that i have done to you recently.. :( yarr..it's been 3 years we all together... and there were so many moments that we have gone through together.. :( i miss you nor aishah... miss you a lot.. :( seriously i cant live without you... u r such a perfect girl for me... ;( im sorry for everything..i hope that u could accept me back..;( im sorry nor aishah noor baharuddin.. ILOVEYOU~ ;( ALWAYSSSSSSSSSS....... PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR BRIGHTNESS FUTURE EVERYONE..INSYAALLAH.. :))

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