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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

current date;p

 haha..for sure u olz wanted to know bout what exactly had happened during our date that time rite?kan3?ala..just admit it.xpe.it's not that i'm going to know bout that pun kan.kite kan using satelite skrg ni.so, u xnmpk i,i xnmpk.an an an?hee;p..(lempang je esah 50sen ni).haha;p.ok2..serious2..hm..once upon a time..........
ha!can u see those slippers?!ha..kalau nk tawu,he bought that for me tu taw!hee.ape?nk gelak?gelak lah!kau ade?xdekan?!hee..;p.sweet taw.ala,nk tawu x die beli coz of wat?coz t senang,if kitorg gadoh, hentak je by using slippers tu.ha.lagi satu,if slipper tu tercampak ke ape ke time kitorang tgh gadoh2,xpe.duit die~hehe..no lah.guraw je..this gift shows that we r getting closer n closer samapi dah boleh beli slipper jamban like this taw!uwekz!upz..if booboo bace ni abesla aku.hahahhaha..hee..guraw2.seriously, u have no idea how we feels buying diz slippers;)..(the prob now is, asal my face camtu?!)..

ha!lg3!this jacket pun a gift from him to me taw!!!;))..my fav jacket!;))..booboo!tq!:))hee..ha!ape?!not only slippers je taw he bought for me!;p..eh,jap..actually..actually,got another 1 more gift! chocolates!!;))..but,xsempat nk take pix.dah abes~hehehhe;p..sedap..my dad pun like that chocolate taw!:)))....(boo,jgn kembang ok!)huh!;)
ha!if u olz nk tawu,actually that time my booboo tgh xtahan nk..nk..urm,nk YAK!so,tgh menahan lah tu.uwekz!;p..(goodlah tu,hubby tgh tahan yak,i snap2 pix.adoiyai~)

hee..booboo cte la.bb cm pe je.hee~;p

ha! how keai wor!(actually makcik kat bus stop dpn tu dah tgk2.kitorg lak buat poker face like xbersalah.adoi..hm..;D

booboo xnk take pix,meh sini i snap it sorg2!;p

cute jgk aq ni an..(haha~;p..)..ape?!annoying la tu.huh!;p..hee..;).

hehehe..xsangke my boboo pun can do this face.boo.."how keai" wor!!;p..;))..hee..

e'eh..terselit plak..haha..iklan2..not even related wid the dew(eh,date)..x,actually nk show to u olz that,ha..tgk slipper tu.tu tu.hahha..dah rasmi dh..;p
thank you booboo..for everything..;)..even though awak not really feeling well with ur injured leg, n hard to wear jeans,but u were still wore that,just for me.thank you booboo..;)..but,boo..remember,my love towards u is more than a word.people can say whatever they want,but..only u and me n ALLAH knows everything..may He bless us;)..I LOVE YOU..;))..n I MISS YOU..;))..thanks for brightening my life..;)..I LOVE U MORE..;)

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