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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

exam exam exam(2010)

woi woi..haha..assalamualaikum~hee..
hm..since we r nowadays so so busy talking bout the exam that around the corner kat mane mane corner lah kan,haha.so,i just wanna share some with u olz.hm..for the last sem final exam, guess what i got for my result?n guest what he got in his exam either?hehe..the answer is...
haeqarl knight: 3.57(all passed)
aesha knigh t : 3.54(all passed)
hee~result pun nak same kn?;p..hee..nevertheless we r still keep trying to get better than that..we have tried our best for the last sem exam.n alhamdullilah..but however, we will keep pursuing the better n better result with allah Will..;)..
(for our memories..)..;)

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