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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


hye blogger.ni nak cite sedih sikit ni.hehe..(sedih pun nk gelak ke?;p)..ala,xpayah nk cite cite sgtlah.tgk pix cukup!bak kate my lecturer,"tgk note panjang2 pening,tgk pix leh brainstorm!;p)..jap..ha..ni:
ha,ni latest pix my booboo time kitorg keluar.hensem kn?smart~;)

bile dh sampai,each of us g loo(toilet).tgklah keje die ni.xde keje!cam pompuan!;)..but he's still cute;)

tibe2.a few days after..hm..

ya allah.his nail,HANCUR.sakit sgt.saye x sanggup sgt nk tgk.but,saye still nk upload kt blog.bcoz,wanted to make it our memory together.so that,later we can still talk bout this even though dah tua(alaklumlah,takut senile(NYANYUK)~)..hee..

even though die sakit,eventhough kitorang jauh, but we still wanted to make each of us happy;).but,i know that deep in his heart,die sakit sgt.tahan eyh sayang?;(.SMILE!taw!;).booboo kelakarla!CUTEnye~;))

ehem2..if die pn ade that kinda pix,saye pn kene ade!hehe.woi!jgn kasi samekan itu mane2 muke sama saye punye muke ok!huh!hee..cute x?uwekz!sumpah ugly banget!;).but for my beloved happiness, i'll do it.anything for u my dear;)


hey!"how ke i" or "ni keai" wor!!;)..cute nye boboo bb ni!!;))
pix ni,before booboo got injured.boo..maintain this kinda face.i want u to maintain ur smile.;)..I LOVE YOU..;).

hye guys,actually, that night(19/3/2011) he supposedly to be at a gym, but gym tutup mlm tu.so, he played at his house.i plak,kat rumah that time.i mmg xsedap hati nk balik actually.die pun tawu i x sedap hati.but xsangke that will happen.hm.i was having a dinner at outside wid my family, and suddenly his younger brother called me.i thought that he was just wanted to prank me,but i was wrong.klang and seremban, it's quite far and in fact how can i get there at that night.hm..whatever thing that happen,for us,there's something behind hidden.allah wanted to tell and do something.hey,i still remember his sister say something to me that make me still looking forward till now.;)..she say that "just follow the rhythm"..;).so..i can just pray for him.take care sayang...SMILE ALWAYS..because the only thing that i know rather that medicine, smile can make u better too..;)..I LOVE YOU..;)

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