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Saturday, March 19, 2011

dating ime or bullying time?he;p

semalam we went out..again;)
but something happened;)
we saw jeweleries shop,n both of us were excited.(but i lah yg paling excited.hehe..alamaklumlah..GIRL~).HEHEHE.
he was excited too but, things turn up to SOMETHING.saye nampak gelang!;)santek sangat.n he loves it too!;).i put it on..but,the men yg jage kedai tu put it on for me.hm..haiqal ape lagi, the excitement turn into MAD~.almaklumlah..JEALOUS~;)..i plak,khusyuk gile nampak jeweleries tu.got so much beautiful diamond on it!santek taw!;))..but, haiqal upset.i can feel it that time during that guy yang jage store tu put on the bracelet to me.bkn upset je,nak keluar api dah i tgk muke die!hehe;)the purpose y i jumped in that jeweleries store was bcoz i want him to put it on for me.n he either.but thing turns up.coz that men yang pakaikan.hm..then,after moved out,(alamak, abeslah aku).hehe..then,haiqal was really3 mad at me.he drove like crazy at 1st,but at the middle, he slow it down.because he knows that i dont like him drive like crazy.but,i my tears dripped out in the car.actually, that  date suppose to be a memorable n sweetest date for us.but never thought that kinda thing will evoke.
he confess his feeling..i cried so hard, i was scared once he get mad.but..at the end, the date that i thought will ruin everthing yesterday, was turn into the sweetest and the most memorable date for us..;)..I LOVE HIM..n HE LOVES ME..;))..one day we were together.from morning till the nite!;)))..
another one more thing happened, during we were confessing, i told him "actually sayang..urm..urm..bb thought that nak kite naek boat...................",then suddenly he interrupted me and say "hey!booboo pun fk cmtu!"..;))..I LOVE YOU..;)..but x jadi yg tu, coz kitorang kelua awal from that mall, so..xjadi.;))..then die kate "urm,next time kite g k?:)..)..;)))))..I LOVE YOU booboo!!!!;)))..
for ever single of thing happen, it makes us stronger and closer..:)..boooboo jealous~hehehhehe..;))..booboo sayang bb!;))..bb sayang uucux acam bb ni jgk!;)))))mmuuahahhhxx!!;)

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